Monday, 3 September 2012


I've been asked a few times whether I get model releases when photographing/drawing humans but this isn't such a big issue in the UK as in the USA it seems.

Although there are lots of grey areas and myths my understanding is that it is not an offence to take photographs of people in  public places, regardless whether or not the image shows children.  The pictures shouldn't be used to embarrass or put the people in a 'bad light'.     I have taken many 'candid' shots of people in public gardens, parks etc without asking permission but if I see a character I particularly would like to photograph (as potential portrait subjects) I generally ask permission to photograph them.  I don't take photos of children (except family or friends of family) in the UK as this has become a sensitive issue with fears of paedophile activity etc.   

 Here in Corralejo a group of elderly Spanish men meet regularly at various (cool) spots in the old Town.  I asked permission to photograph one of them with his chihuaha and got several like this:

but then the 'cute' little doggy turned into a devil and barked/growled and generally went into 'attack' mode ... actually he was only defending his 'dad' and there was no danger but it made me jump which made all the old boys laugh.   I missed the opportunity to get a great photo of this chap laughing his head off and with no teeth in his mouth (amply compensated in the fang department by his devil dog)

Here's a picture just as it was building up to attack mode:

There was a film called Gremlins in mid 80s which featured a cute little chap called Gizmo ... it also featured some not-so-nice Gremlins and I think this little dog reminds me of one of the bad ones called Stripe .... the likeness was more pronounced when the dog was barking/growling .... but can you see what I mean about the resemblance?

 I took several photos of this busker (and his dog) on the seafront at Calais, France back in April.  I put some coins in his collection pot and got permission to take photos but the spontaneity was lost and he kept 'posing' ... so not sure if I'll ever use them - but I have a huge collection of 'possibles' like this

 I have lots more photos like this but internet connection isn't good and I'm losing the will to live whilst waiting for photos to upload ... so going to call it a day.  


Jan/ said...

LOL, I see the resemblance, Sue! Wish I could have been there to see you jump!

Jo said...

I love chihuahuas, my mum had two. They are very vigorous in defending their owners. A friend commented if you had a chihuahua the size of a German Shepherd (sorry Alsatian) you could never handle it. Loved the blue in the background, reminded me of a place in the Med, can't remember where, Northern Africa I think, where everything is painted that gorgeous blue.

sue said...

I gave the 'old boys' something to laugh about Jan ... saw them all the next day in a different shady spot and they waved - obviously remembered me :-)

A Chihuaha the size of a GS would probably be listed as a dangerous dog Jo if this little chap was anything to go by LOL. Actually most locals are dog owners and the dogs are all well socialised here - have never seen any fights or injuries.

sue said...

This blue colour is unusual on Fuerteventura where most of the buildings are painted in varying shades of yellow/brown/ochre or plain white.
I used to holiday on the Greek islands a lot and the blue/white theme is common there