Friday, 7 September 2012


The sea here is very clean and clear - and incredibly blue (unlike the porridge coloured sea I live close to in the UK) LOL

Our house is at the Northern end of Fuerteventura - Corralejo.  To my mind its the nicest part of the island to live/holiday as there are lots of bars and restaurants but it is still a thriving 'old Town and has a working Harbour' which has managed to retain its charm without losing out too badly to tourism.  There is a newer 'garish' strip in town with enough British Bars showing English Soaps and Football and serving 'real English Food' to satisfy the sad travellers who don't really want to sample other cultures or cuisines.  Its the least touristy/spoiled of the Canary islands and fingers crossed it will stay that way for a while longer.

Anyway, down by the old harbour wall there are always men/boys with fishing rods trying their luck with the fish ... the fish are so plentiful its amazing how little success the anglers have - the smallest fish come right up to the sandy beach mingling with the small children and their fishing nets ...

Even where boats are moored the water is crystal clear and you can clearly see the fishes

The big white thing on the horizon to the left of centre is the Ferry which makes regular sailings between Corralejo and Lanzarote - journey time around 15 mins

Back to the outskirts of town and the 'rocky' terrain ..... rockpool fish:

Unidentified marine creature which emerged from the sea and frightened off the wildlife!

and walking home along the beach path I witnessed this angler land a fish ... the first time I've actually seen anybody catch anything and there are always at least a dozen fishermen/women out on this stretch every morning

Unfortunately there are still many people happy to drop litter, abandon cigarette packs, plastic water bottles and food containers on the beaches etc ... I don't understand their mentality and have been known to hand discarded rubbish back to the offenders when I've witnessed it.

We saw this lady doing her bit along the beach - collecting rubbish into a black plastic sack.  Good for her!

and I think this sign says it all:


Jo said...

Lovely pix Sue, what wonderfully clear water. Even though I am about to depart for the south, I feel quite jealous of your island.

Isn't it maddening when people don't dispose of their junk, seen it on the beaches in North Carolina where there are bins all over the place but people just don't bother to use them.

sue said...

Have a great holiday Jo :-)

Jennifer Rose Phillip said...

sadly, the people that do litter are usually not the type of people to read nor care what signs say :/

and thats it, i'm moving! :p

sue said...

Where are you moving to Jennifer? or is that just wishful thinking LOL???

Jennifer Rose Phillip said...

wishful thinking :p