Thursday, 13 September 2012


Have you come across that old proverb that says if you save a life you are responsible for the person ever after?

Well I saved this bug's life when it got trapped in our house .... it wasn't too impressed at the time as I had to trap it with a fly swat and a glass, but now visits me every day and even landed on my book when I was reading by the pool one afternoon.    It has seen off a rival that tried to land in the garden so is obviously quite territorial.

Actually I have no way of knowing if its the same bug each time ... but like to think so.    Thanks to Chrissy who told me once before that this is a Scarlet Darter:

Here it is posing on the hosepipe we use to top the water up in the pool:

Who needs man-made scarecrows when Mother Nature does the same job so brilliantly:

David's cousin had a week on Fuerteventura staying at a lovely hotel right on the sand dunes.  We spent the afternoon with them on Saturday, basically just sitting in the garden overlooking the beach and chatting.   I thought it was really funny to see a flock of Spanish sparrows taking a bath in the hotel swimming pool - sparrows are the same the world over obviously ... cheeky little chaps!

Tuesday's walk along the beach path was quite productive ... I took about 30 photos of this Whimbrel at the water's edge

It was too hot to sit in our garden today so I wandered down to the beach - away from the main Town Beaches which attract families/tourists - towards the less popular areas.  Just about 10 mins walk away we have stretches of beach that are part sandy and part volcanic rock with odd scrubby areas of vegetation.     I saw the section I wanted to park myself on - great views across the bay and then saw somebody had been there before me and been very busy gathering white shells and small black rocks .......

Wonder what the outcome was??

During recent walks I've been fascinated  by the local seagulls ...  but that will have to be another post ...


Katherine Thomas said...

Aw, that's so cool! How long has that been in the sand? The local paper should pick up the story. Or they could make a movie about it.
I love the seagulls too. There is something so quintessential about seagulls on the beach. (that's probably the wrong word...) Your photos are really breathtaking! I wish I could be at that beach!

Jennifer Rose Phillip said...

really pretty looking buy, such a gorgeous red :)