Friday, 21 September 2012


If you're old enough to remember the 80s TV show 'Through the Keyhole' with Lloyd Grossman and Sir David Frost you'll be familiar with the catchphrase as they invited you to guess which celebrity owned the home they were showing a video tour of.

So .... 'who'd live in a house like this'?

When walking out of Corralejo towards the famous sand dunes, we pass a group of very pretty privately owned villas all tastefully painted with nice, but normal, gardens.

Exept for this one .....   barely a square foot of unadorned wall, roof or garden space.   Not to my taste but very spectacular and a great photo opportunity .... bet it pees the neighbours off though :-)

No comments ... I think the pictures speak for themselves LOL

and just a few yards further down the road is a single Villa which appears to be called Siboney but there is some confusion about the address/villa number.     

Have to assume the Cartero (postman) has worked it out

I have a couple of new works in the pipeline and will be posting some WIP next week.   First off will probably be a beautiful chestnut mare from N. Ireland and then a couple of Jack Russell Terriers.    All will be portrayed in pastel.


Jennifer Rose Phillip said...

that house would so piss off the nieghbours here lol and for that reason alone i would live in it :p

Jennifer Rose Phillip said...

oops didn't mean to use that word, sorry :(

sue said...

No probs Jennifer - LOL

hmuxo said...

Yes, living near a house like this wouldn't make me happy! But they certainly put a lot of work and thought in it..Yikkes! I'm SO looking forward to your pastels, Sue.