Friday, 31 August 2012


I showed some early WIP photos of this portrait earlier this year (in fact whilst we were here on Fuerteventura in May/June).

I finished it when we got back to the UK and submitted it to the UKCPS Exhibition jury.   It was accepted so will be on display at Nuneaton later this year along with Reflectivity (shown in earlier blog post).

Dave (the subject) is drummer with a folk group we stumbled across in nearby Faversham a few months ago.   They were taking a break from performing in the street and as I had my camera with me I took a few photos.    When I got home and looked at the photos I really liked the combination of him staring into space with that amazing hair and beard, and the T Shirt depicting Shakespeare (the Bard).

A couple of friends expressed concern that Shakespeare might detract from the man's portrait but I'd already decided on the title 'Beard & Bard' and as someone who really struggles to think of titles usually I stubbornly stuck to my guns ... but I have subdued the image slightly.

Drawn on black sanded paper I did struggle to get the skintones but it was great fun to draw

The Group is called Labyrinth and I've since read that their street performance was to raise funds for a charity which helps Older people with learning difficulties (Patron Hugh Grant).    They will be playing at the Faversham Hop Festival which takes place this weekend.    A great fun event and its main sponsor is the local Brewery Shepherd Neame (loved by all real ale drinkers)

Dave (model) doesn't know about the portrait.   After the exhibition I'm hoping to catch up with the group at one of its 'gigs' and give the portrait to him to do with it as he wants ....


Jan/ said...

This is one of my favorites of yours, Sue. His expression and all that hair as you say really makes for a very unique portrait.

Let us know what he says when you give the portrait to him.

Katherine Thomas said...

I love these two pieces: Dave and the cat labyrinth! You are so creative and inspiring! When you took the photos of Dave, did you have him pose for you? Or did you ask him permission to shoot a few photos? I'm having trouble finding subjects to photograph for drawings, now that I dont have my classroom full of willing kids anymore!

sue said...

Thank you Jan :-)

The UKCPS exhibition runs from 6 October to 25 November (long exhibition) so I won't be giving the portrait to him till after the exhibition (an early Xmas present perhaps)??
Actually the picture has a sale price attached but I don't really imagine that anybody would want to purchase a portrait of an 'unknown' person LOL

Thank you so much Katherine.

Generally speaking we don't need to get a model release here in the UK to take photos in public places - I believe if we are going to sell the photos on the situation may be different.

However I rarely photograph children unless they are family or friends of family as there are so many worried parents nowadays.

I took pictures of all members in this Group and they knew I was doing so, but not that I've used Dave as my model.

Stephen Palmer said...

Brilliant likeness of my good friend and fellow drummer.
Labyrinth can be found at the Faversham Hop Festival 31st August to 2nd September & also on the Angel Stage at the Cranbrook Music festival 5pm 9th September more details here:
Stephen {Cajon player with Labyrinth}

sue said...

Hi Stephen
Couldn't believe when I got the message from Sue (Dave's wife) just a couple of hours after making this Blog Post .... small world thanks to internet isn't it!!

I had fun drawing this portrait and I'm sure you'll have fun over the Faversham Hop Festival ... just wish I could be there but we are on hols.


Jo said...

Love this portrait. Kind of makes one think.

Used to live just outside Faversham at Oare Creek. Sorry, never was a beer drinker LOL

Had any more curry lately?

hmuxo said...

OH MY GOSH, Sue!!! He has the face that every Artist looks for!!! You did an amazing job and you should be so proud of this piece!!! Thank you for the WIP...I always enjoy it.