Monday, 10 September 2012


My trusty old camera has been everywhere with me this trip it seems ... and I've just been snapping away at anything that takes my fancy so over the next few posts I thought I'd just share a selection.  These kind of follow a 'building/decor' theme ...

We walk past a couple of old houses en route to the Beach Path/Town that have tiled 'murals' built into the walls

The island seen in the background is Lobos - an uninhabited island we see every day on our walks so that bit of the view is authentic but I don't think we have mermaids here

 or do we?

we don't actually have flamingoes either - this house is a couple of minutes walk from ours and its right on the beach path so 'mega bucks'.  It changed hands recently but seems the new owners also like flamingoes as they haven't changed anything 

I love this trompe l'oeil scene .... painted on the outside terrace of a little tapas bar in town.   There are usually more goats than people on Fuerteventura.  After tourism goat cheese production is the second largest industry.

A lot of the houses that line the beach paths have opted to have windows, garden screens made of reflective glass to give them privacy from passers by - they can see out but we can't see in.  I've photographed a few as I like the 'reflected views' you get

The windows in this house reflect one of the small town beaches - so I don't have to point the camera at sunbathers and possibly upset them LOL.  I just read today that Fuerteventura's coastline boasts more than 150 beaches so there's something to suit everybody - from the totally secluded tiny beaches, the dunes just outside Corralejo or the miles of flat sands at the South of the island.  Calm seas, safe swimming in some and huge waves at others to keep the windsurfers happy!

 This 'garden/pool area' has a privacy shield of tinted reflective glass and the reflection is of some of the bars/restaurants surround another small 'town beach'.   When taking the photo I didn't notice the lamp-post in the reflection.    The palm tree is in the garden, the lamp-post is outside and its pure fluke that the two almost match up!!

from man made decorations to more natural ones:

On the outskirts of town there are several shops which closed for business a couple of years back and brown paper was put up at all the windows.  Sun and humidity have taken over and made some weird and wonderful 'contemporary art' designs on the paper. I need to go back when the sun isn't so bright - these have got lots of unwanted reflections on them unfortunately.   I think they are lovely, if you squint you can see all sorts of faces in them.  


Jan/ said...

So cool, Sue! You have a wonderful variety of subjects to photograph! I especially like your window paper art too.

Jennifer Rose Phillip said...

love the goats :D and the patterns that showed up on the brown paper, very neat

sue said...

Thanks Jan and Jennifer.

That brown paper art would put lots of 'professional contemporary artists' to shame ... it looks much better in real life so will try to get better pictures