Saturday, 8 September 2012


When (if) I think about Drag Queens the image of Danny La Rue or Lily Savage springs to mind - female impersonaters, a bit 'camp' and lots of double entendres.

Here in the Canaries the Gala Drag Queens take things very seriously and , especially during Carnival Season around Easter, there are major competitions where the Queens wear spectacular outfits with huge headresses and outrageous clothing.   The common factor is the shoes/boots they wear which have platforms around 12" high ... no idea why this is - I think the boots look hideous but its kind of a mark of honour to be able to walk/perform on these without falling over and breaking an ankle!

Anyway, we were out for a stroll yesterday lunchtime and were amazed to see this apparition at the harbour ... this outfit is very tame for a Gala Drag Queen, but he/she was obviously breaking in some new boots and was being supported by friends on the cobbled pathway.

This is probably his 'day outfit' not one of the elaborate evening gowns LOL.    I was photographing into the sun so the detail isn't great but you can see what lengths these 'guys' go to.   He must have been very hot and uncomfortable as the temperature was around 30deg.

David's cousin and her husband are holidaying on Fuerteventura for a week - staying at one of the 'posh' hotels near the famous sand dunes on the outskirts of Corralejo so we're going to meet her for lunch and to have a look around the hotel.   See how the 'other half' lives LOL        As she says, they work very hard all year and when she takes a holiday she wants to be waited on and do no cooking, cleaning etc (hence they don't stay at our house where she'd have to do some housework)!!

In my next post I'll show an assortment of pictures taken around Corralejo recently which don't have any particular theme but are views that caught my imagination


Jan/ said...

What can anyone say about these pics? I think anyone who wears shoes like those are just crazy!

Looking forward to your photos tomorrow, I think!

Jennifer Rose Phillip said...

can they walk without the help tho??

i can hardly walk in 3 inch wedges lol can't imagine walking in those shoes!

Jo said...

Interesting pix Sue must be fun to see them in full regalia

Sympathise with your cousins view of vacations, I used to be the same, but things change.

sue said...

Yep, they can walk and dance in the shoes (after a fashion) but its all very weird. We watched one of the Gala Drag Queen shows at the Corralejo Festival a couple of years back but got bored fairly quickly. Outfits are spectacular but .... you can have too much 'culture' LOL

I Know Jo, I felt the same when working full time. Holidays/relaxation time was precious.