Tuesday, 25 September 2012


My time at the 'drawing board' is a little disjointed as the drive to London to visit Mum-in-Law in hospital  takes several hours each time.  At 94 years old her broken hip and shoulder will be fairly slow to mend so she can't leave hospital till she's semi-mobile and can walk with a frame.   Happy days ... but she's improving slowly which is good news.   I've allowed plenty of time in the commission schedule to allow for these visits.

Unfortunately I've picked up some kind of throat infection which isn't actually a cold but stops me from sleeping as I have an irritating tickle/cough.   I tried sleeping upright on the sofa on Monday night to avoid keeping David awake, but that wasn't very successful so I've been very tired (and grumpy I'm told) from the resultant tiredness  LOL

Jazz (the mare) has a rich chestnut colouring so I'm using a range of pastels - 11 different colours so far in this 'base coat' - but can't tell you which colours.  For some reason Conte, Caran D'ache and Carbathello pastel pencils just have code numbers, not colour descriptions. 

Again the photos look a bit dark but its so gloomy here in Kent today.   

I'll be emailing this update to my client so have lightened the colour slightly in PaintNet so the background colour is more true although the chestnut now looks a tad subdued.    The colour will be more critical once I have completed the 'base' and need to sort out the finer detail - hopefully the weather will have improved by then and I can photograph in good natural light and will be guided by Jazz's owner as to whether I've made the coat dark/bright enough.


hmuxo said...

Sue, I can't tell you how much I love this painting...He's SO beautiful. I must have gone back and forth staring at him. Is this painted with strictly pencils? I look forward to seeing the progression of this piece!! But more important...I hope you are feeling better!!!

sue said...

Thank you Hilda - still lots of 'tweaking' of colour etc to be done and toning down of the highlighted areas (veins, spots on muzzle etc).

So far, all done with pastel pencils. If a (simple) background is required I'll probably use Pan Pastels as they work so well with Pastelmat.

Feeling a little more 'human' today but so looking forward to a cough-free night!

Jo said...

Miserable to be coughing all night, hope you feel better quickly. How's mum in law doing? Well I hope.

Love the horse, looking forward to seeing the finished work.

Sharon Whitley said...

absolutely beautiful pastel work on this horse sue, hope you're feeling better and that your nan is well on the mend, look forward to seeing this finished x