Wednesday, 12 September 2012


Now I know why the Gala Drag Queen was out in the middle of the day at Corralejo's Harbour (my Blog post/photos from 4 days ago

He/She was promoting the Rainbow  (Gay Pride) mini festival which will take place on one of the Town beaches in Corralejo 11 to 14 October .... featuring the 'brimmed hats and slipper regatta' which I remember seeing when we were here last year.  

Here's the poster featuring the 'character' I saw  in the flesh:

So mystery solved!


Katherine Thomas said...

You have seen and done some fun interesting things this summer! Did you ask how he managed to walk on those shoes? I've also enjoyed the exhibition photos in the side bar. Very beautiful!

sue said...

Because it has been so hot this visit we've spent less time in our garden/by the pool and more time out walking along the beaches where its a little cooler - hence all the photos.

He was walking with the help of two assistants when I saw him but in the Gala Drag Queen shows they do walk and dance in boots/shoes like this. Ugly aren't they?

Jo said...

Dunno Sue, bearing in mind the things people do wear, I think these could become all the rage.