Friday, 29 July 2011


'Spot' is no longer a surprise.   He was  intended as a surprise birthday gift but when I emailed this picture to my client for approval she didn't feel able to make the final decision herself as she doesn't see Spot very often so she decided to let Spot's mum into the secret, forwarded the email and asked her opinion.

This is (part of) the message I received back:

'C' says it is quite amazing and she wouldn't change a thing. Apparently Spot looks at her in a very special way and she said she never thought anyone would be able to capture that expression in his eyes and as soon as she saw it she cried because it was so perfect.

So ... another tearful client (I must be a very wicked person I think) :o)

Spot is Appaloosa but luckily for me doesn't have too many spots on his face/neck - mainly just the eye and muzzle area.  He certainly does have a cheeky glint in his eye doesn't he?

 I'm probably going to start on the black horse next, but regrettably the photos aren't terribly clear so I'm still hoping his owner will be able to supply more detailed refs for me.


Miniature Art by Karen Hull said...

Absolutely gorgeous Sue - love that sideways glance on Spot and the beautiful white whispy mane sets this portrait off perfectly!!! :) said...

love the expression sort of a cross between expectancy and curiosity, beautiful! look forward to the black 'one' I don't do many horses, but know what a pain poor refs can be especially black or white.

Jan said...

Isn't just soooo gratifying when a client cries? Not that we're really mean - I just consider that an extra reward for our efforts!

Spot turned out gorgeous as usual and I'm really looking forward to seeing you work on the black horse

sue said...

Thanks so much :o)

I will be working on the black horse next. They ref photos are terrible but they are 'full body' and not very big. If I enlarge them they pixelate ... I can work from them but will be making bits up I fear!

- I've emailed asking if she can send them as bigger pics but am worried they may have been taken on a mobile phone.

This is redemption of a Gift Voucher purchased last year by friends of the horse's owner so I'd like to get underway asap

Dors said...

Beautiful job Sue. What a feeling when your client cries. The perfection of your work brings out all emotions.

Stunning work.

Lene said...

The portrait of Spot is beautiful, gorgeous eye, and that mane is wonderful :) I understand why the owner is thrilled :)