Saturday, 9 July 2011


Domestic Goddess I am not!  Spring-cleaning was short lived today.   I cleaned the wood floors and polished furniture but couldn't face cleaning windows ... its raining anyway - and the lure of the drawing board was too strong!   

So I got a little more work done on the two pastels I started yesterday.  The horse in particular is at one of those early 'ugly' stages that portraits often go through until the finer detail is added which suddenly transforms the work.   I'm just building up colour and facial contours etc at the moment.   It will be good to let this rest  till we return from Fuerteventura and look at it with fresh eyes.   The white line across the page is just me being indecisive ... not sure whether to put a very understated background in - just split colours top and bottom or to leave it plain.  I don't normally add backgrounds to commissioned portraits but am not sure how well the horse will stand out from the coloured background.   I don't need to decide just yet though

the cat is looking a little less garish now .. I've added some finer fur detail but won't put whiskers in till I've decided if I'm going to change the background again.


Jennifer Rose said...

ooh such soft looking fur on the kitty :D

Miniature Art by Karen Hull said...

oooh, I do love this Kitty Sue and your horse is coming along beautifully. I love it when it rains, because it's such a good excuse to sit and draw all day long - definitely not the time to be washing windows. But then I can always find a multitude of excuses to get out of doing housework!!! :)

Jan said...

Both paintings are looking good! You certainly went on a painting binge and I don't blame you for painting instead of cleaning!

Anonymous said...

This is adorable Sue !
Gr Lyn