Sunday, 24 July 2011


We got home in the early hours yesterday after a wonderful 12 days on Fuerteventura.   Saturday was spent visiting our mothers and Roxy (my horse) and food shopping.   I caught up with most of my emails by lunchtime today and planned to get back to the drawing board this afternoon ... but the sun came out and the garden beckoned ... so I did lots of deadheading and tidying up, moving tubs and collecting tomatoes, peppers and runner beans for Dinner.

I'm amazed at the harvest this year .... our apple and pear trees are packed with fruit and the branches are really weighed down.   The damsons are huge already - they aren't supposed to be available till end August/September!!

That prompted us to check the shed where we store our supply of sloe gin and damson gin/damson brandy - embarassingly we have 13 bottles some dating back to 2004 which we'd kind of forgotten about.   (Its good stuff)!!   15 bottles of elderberry wine (2004) had to be thrown away as it was horrible ... we did try it a couple of years ago and didn't like it so decided to give it a little longer to 'mature' .... it didn't!!

So in the absence of any artwork ... here's some pictures of our fruit trees taken this afternoon.

Damsons - 6 weeks early and very prolific!

Early cropping apples - I tend to use these as cooking apples but have no idea what variety it is.

The branches of this tree are almost touching the ground in places - there are soooo many apples.  This is normally an Autumn crop (September/October) but ..... this year seems to be confusing all the plantlife!

Nice pears!

We have more than 20 tomato plants 'on the go' also .... so I'm going to be freezing loads of tomato soup later in the Summer I fear .... seemed like a good idea when I planted the seeds (I didn't expect all the plants to turn out so well)!

Well, enough of the garden news.  Hopefully there will be some progress on the art front tomorrow.   Otherwise I'll be forced to share more holiday photos with you :o)


Jan said...

Welcome Home, Sue! Your fruit is amazing! How is it that it's so beautifully unblemished? Did you have someone spraying/caring for the trees while your were away?

Now, get back to work, I've missed your art! lol

sue said...

Hi Jan
Its nice to be back (I think)!!!

Caroline (stepdaughter) stayed at the house whilst we were away and watered the greenhouse plants and flower tubs.

The fruit trees take care of themselves, we don't spray them. They are old so we replaced a couple of them which didn't bear much fruit last year and I think that scared the rest of them into over-producing!

I see from your Blog that you've had a busy time (trip to Florida etc) so hope you're back to normal now