Monday, 25 July 2011


Unfortunately, I still have to attend the spine clinic 3 times per week for treatment and that kind of messes up our days .... David normally drives me there as parking can be problematic and today we took the 'scenic route' home so we could go to our favourite farm shop to buy some local produce.   The farmer was only too happy to chat to us about the various fruits on sale and gave us lots of tasters.  He isn't 'organic' as such but farms in a traditional manner that doesn't rely on using lots of pesticides etc ... he's very passionate about what he does and has a great sense of humour.    We ended up bringing home lots of plums, cherries and uncooked beetroots (which I just can't grow in our garden for some reason)!   

So I really only sat down at the drawing board around midday - I worked for several hours but actually can't see much progress ... one of those days!      Tomorrow I have two sessions at the clinic in the morning and a consultation to discuss the most recent tests in the afternoon - so lots of driving back and forth.    

It would be nice to think I could finish the horse tomorrow but he has some very unusual markings around eye and muzzle so I probably need another couple of days - here's where I finished today:

It was quite late when I photographed him and the light wasn't great, so the camera has picked up too much on the white pastel.
I did a little more on the cat as well but with no clear idea where I'm going on this (particularly the background) I've been 'faffing' a bit .... I think I need to darken the area to the left of the cat a little and also to decide how I'm going to crop this - whether it will be to fit a square frame or oblong frame.    Hopefully I'll be a little more decisive tomorrow :o)

I've got a 'mini' run of cat commissions to do, and also a handsome black horse - lovely to have some 4 legged subjects again.   I will also be doing a black and white drawing of a well known comedy duo  for a birthday commission.   I've decided to try that one in charcoal - a new venture for me - so if the experiment fails I'll have to redo it in graphite (but I have a few weeks to 'play' with this one).

Right - time for some plums methinks!


Katherine Thomas said...

They're both looking awesome! You are very talented with the fur!

hmuxo said...

The horse and cat are both coming along beautifully, Sue.! You're so amazing!! And I love the previous post with your fruit.! You have quite a "farm"! they all look so good. And of course, most important...I hope you're feeling better!!

sue said...

Thank you Katherine and Hmuxo - its nice to be back drawing again and yes I am feeling so much better these days (touch wood) :o)

I can't take credit for the fruit crop - the weather has been very strange this year with all the spring bulbs delayed by a month due to the harsh winter, then a very early hot spell in Spring which seems to have found favour with the fruit trees!

My horse and her friends will be very appreciative of all the windfalls :o)

Jan said...

You're coming right along with both of these, Sue! Just offhand, I think I'd favor a square crop to your cat. But you can try it in your software before committing to anything.
Charcoal is much like pastel so I think you'll like it. I'd not used any since high school but found it quite easy to transition into it. I'm sure you will also. They also make a white charcoal. Can't wait to see what you do next!

Teresa said...

You're an amazing artist. That horse is just wonderful!!!

How's the back/spine/neck thing coming along? I'm doing pretty good... but if I overdo it my neck is really quick to let me know... then I have to let it rest... or pay the unpleasant price (and I'd rather not have another shot in one of my nerves. Ouch!)

sue said...

Thank you Jan and Teresa :o)

Peter (Mighty Fine Art) told me which charcoal pencils he used for the wonderful lion drawing he did recently so I've purchased some in the hope they'll behave as well for me as they do for him :o) Time will tell - I won't be starting that picture for a couple of weeks probably.

Thanks Teresa - I do feel much better but have been neglecting my exercises and got told off by the doctor. Xrays yesterday showed a lot of improvement but still a way to go. I'm with you on not wanting to go through all that pain again. So pleased that you are doing well - slow process isn't it?