Thursday, 28 July 2011

28/07: WET, WET, WET!

Today has been very disjointed - spine clinic this morning, visitors at lunchtime, hairdresser at 2pm and tonight I'm meeting with the Made in Whitstable Art Group on the beach (weather permitting) for a fish & chip supper to discuss tactics for the next year.

As the name suggests, Made in Whitstable was formed to bring creative Whitstable people together with a central website and access to Gallery space and various events throughout the year.   The Group has around 200 member now - photographers, artists, musicians, writers etc.   I've met many of the members when we shared the cost of exhibiting at the Horsebridge Gallery last year but I think more people have joined since then and we'll be discussing plans for next year.   

I've not made much progress with the horse picture today so instead thought I'd share some of the photos I took in Fuerteventura (was it only last week)??  of some of the residents having fun in the water - I don't think we'll be seeing many swimmers in the sea at Whitstable tonight!   These pictures are the reason for the Wet Wet Wet header - it isn't actually raining here, and in fact the sun has struggled through this afternoon so hopefully we won't be 'freezing our wotsits' off on the beach this evening :o)

I took far too many pictures of this lovely dog having fun on a hot afternoon.   She waited obediently (but impatiently) for permission from her master to jump into the sea and came out instantly when called.   She was so intent on watching her master all the time, anxious not to miss any command

This wall by the small town beach is popular with anglers and with local children who love to show off their prowess in the water - they all swim like fishes and don't seem at all fazed by the fishing lines/hooks all round them :o)

It looks as though this lad has been caught on the hook here, don't you think?

Bless!!!   but at least they aren't sitting on their backsides glued to the TV or a computer screen - they have a much healthier lifestyle than most British kids 


Jennifer Rose said...

I'd be so afraid of getting a hook in my nose to go diving there lol o.0 other than that looks like a really nice place to go for a swim :)

sue said...

The water is beautifully clean (and full of fishes which seem to evade the anglers most of the time)

Jan said...

Great photos, Sue! Of course I like the ones of the dog the best. Don't the fishermen get a little peeved at the kids diving in and scaring off the fish? Or are they just pretending to fish? lol

Please send us some of your wet, we're still very hot, hot, hot and dry. If you send it to us, you can have a nice meeting on the beach! Have fun and make lots of good plans for your MADE group!

sue said...

The fish are pretty clever. There are hundreds swimming in shoals but I rarely see them caught.

I loved the dog - must have about 50 photos of her playing