Tuesday, 26 July 2011


Yesterday I was 'faffing' about how to crop the cat picture ... Jan's advice (Pets to Posies)  was to crop it square and I tend to agree.   Today I darkened the background and did more work on the cat's fur and added whiskers.    I also sprinkled the background with 'gold dust'

When moving house a few years ago I came across a rusty gloss paint tin in the garage which was full of bright gold dust.     I recently got around to having it evaluated ...  I took it to a local jeweller to find out whether it was really gold (and therefore worth a fortune).    Unfortunately, after testing, it turned out to be a brass based dust which is apparently used by artists???   How??    I decided to spray the cat picture with pastel fixative and then sprinkle the picture with gold dust in the hope it would stick ... some did, most didn't.     Does anyone have any idea how to use this dust.   It looks so pretty in the tin :o)

Anyway, here's the cat again .....  you can see the gold dust but the true effect is only visible when the picture is seen in the light when it sparkles

Here's the same picture shown with an 'off the shelf' square mount and frame laid on top.   The mount is still in cellophane wrapping so has subdued the colours a bit.    I think the mount is slightly too overpowering and I need to show more of the cat's whiskers etc., so I'll need to ask my local framer to cut a narrower mount  with a larger aperture.

Which do you prefer - first or second crop?

I shall be out all day tomorrow working at the Hospice shop eBay office so no art updates.    However, I received confirmation today that I have had 3 pictures accepted by the jury for the 10th International UKCPS exhibition in London (September).    I hadn't expected to enter due to health issues which prevented me doing much drawing earlier in the year but the deadline for entries was extended and I entered 2 existing 'practice pieces' and a new drawing  which only took a couple of days as it was very simple and completed on drafting film which speeds up the process.  Needless to say ... I'm extremely chuffed!   I'll post the pictures later this week.


Jennifer Rose said...

no idea how to use the gold dust, maybe works better with paint?

hmmm i think i prefer the long crop more, you can see more of the soft fur :)

Dors said...

Fabulous cat portrait and love the idea of the gold dust.
There was not a great deal of help searching this method.

Shame it wasn't real gold...

Congratulations on getting 3 pieces accepted for thew International UKCPS. Well done.

"JeanneG" said...

I think I like the first one best.

Teresa said...

What a fabulous portrait, Sue!!! You're SO good! I like the top version best.

sue said...

Thanks ladies ... I'm leaving the cat alone for a while before adding the finishing touches ... looks as though the first crop is favourite.

Thanks for the link Dors ... I have a lot of this 'dust' so I'm keen to use it as its very pretty. Just got to find the best way to apply it now.

Jan said...

The "gold" dust sounds intriguing! I've used some watercolor paints with the sparkly stuff in them and I like the look - subtle but effective.

I guess I'm the only one but I do prefer the square crop on the cat but agree the mat/mount should be a little more narrow.