Saturday, 9 July 2011


Just a last minute post before closing the computer down in readiness for our early start to the airport (we have a 6.30am flight)

Our regular hedgehogs will be well cared for whilst we are away as our daughter is house-sitting but for a couple of days in the week we were concerned to see a very slow moving hedgehog wandering round our garden in broad daylight which I understand is usually a sign the hedgehog isn't well - normally we don't see much activity till 8.30pm onwards.   Thinking it was an elderly hog who might have been pushed away from the feeding station by younger ones at night we put some cat biscuits in the undergrowth and they were devoured hungrily.   I took several photos - he/she didn't seem very worried by me or the camera.  

Looking at the photos later I noticed lots of lumps around its ear/eye which look sore in places.    I phoned a hedgehog rescue place and was told I should get the pig to a vet asap .... I emailed them a photo showing the lumps and they promised to get back to me with suggestions as to what the problem is  .... but didn't!   

David read somewhere that vets have an obligation to treat small wildlife creatures like hedgehogs free of charge - great if you can catch the beasties.    I haven't seen this one since Thursday afternoon so I guess he got wind of my intentions.   My cats always used to do a disappearing act whenever I planned to take them to the Vet - they seem to have a sixth sense don't they?

We are only away for 12 days so I hope we can catch this particular hedgehog on our return and get him treated.    Does anyone know what this problem might be.  I understand they can get mange, or it may be fly bites if the hedgehog has been injured (a likely scenario as they are all becoming a little bit aggressive around the feeding station at night)  Does anyone have any knowledge of hedgehogs or ideas as to what the problem might be?  I think you should be able to enlarge the photos by clicking on them to get a better look

Whilst watching the hedgehogs on the patio at night, we often saw a little woodmouse dashing to and fro the feeding station pinching pieces of cheese and dried fruit.    I waited outside one evening to photograph 'him' and was amazed to see 3 of the little beasties under the bike shed .... without the camera I had only ever seen one at a time and assumed we had a single visitor ... they are very tiny as you can see comparing them with the seedless grape size in the last picture!

They are very cute aren't they?    I've never had a problem watching or handling mice ....... but show me a spider and I feel faint instantly :o)

Well I probably won't be posting till back in England  .... our internet connection at our holiday home is very poor and I really don't like using internet cafes in Town - they tend to be very hot and very noisy.


hmuxo said...

I looked at the hedgehog and really feel so bad for him....he doesn't look well at all...the mice are cute. The only wildlife we have here on LI occasional squirrel and of course birds!! how exciting!
Your horse is wonderful so far. Enjoy your vacation!!

pett paintings said...

Well with all that action going on in your garden I would sack the cats...they clearly haven't been earning their keep! LOL only joking we used to have a hedgehog visitor but not seen him since Maggie arrived hope the spotty hog is still around and available for treatment on your return from yet ANOTHER holiday :-)

Jan said...

Too bad you couldn't catch the hedgehog - I hope it's ok. I really like your mouse photos! I think they're really cute BUT can't stand them in the house as they make such a mess! Seems that every time our hay is cut, we end getting a mouse - ugh! DH has been all up under the house trying to find how they get in and everything looks totally snug!

Enjoy your trip but hurry home! lol

Anonymous said...

Hi Sue,
Just found your blog again ,hope you are well .Very sweet !
Love Lyn

Teresa said...

I do so miss seeing hedgehogs! No hedgehogs around here... most folks have never even heard of them!