Thursday, 7 July 2011


Well, can you think of a better title?

We had glorious weather at the weekend.  We live on the North Kent coast about 10 minutes walk from Tankerton Slopes and the beach promenade which stretches to Whitstable in one direction and Herne Bay in the other so we strolled into Whitstable which was absolutely buzzing.  We get lots of daytrippers from London as Whitstable is considered very 'trendy' with its working harbour and fish/oyster bars and restaurants.  The DFLs (Down from London folk) spend enough money here in the Summer months to ensure that the little shops survive throughout the Winter (unlike many of their counterparts in other parts of England where the supermarket giants have taken over).

Last Autumn when the New Economics Foundation (NEF) published its report on the state of England's High Streets, Whitstable had the most diverse high street scoring an impressive 92.1 on the diversity scale.

 Its not a beautiful seaside town and it has pebble beaches but Whitstable has lots of character and I guess its picturesque in a workmanlike way ... and we love living here

We just have to keep reminding ourselves that this is brilliant for the local economy ... and we get the beaches to ourselves in the Winter months!

I believe there are 6 or 7 sailing clubs within a 10 mile radius here - the ones in the background here are from the Whitstable Yacht club - the big race programme happens in August so lots of practicing going on I think.

The sea looked 'almost blue' at the weekend ... its back to its 'porridge colour' now our weather has taken a turn for the worse - squally rain showers and grey skies.   Never mind, the garden will benefit from a good downpour!  and what else would we Brits talk about if not the weather?


Susan Roux said...

How wonderful that the tourist come. Here in Maine locals get very upset at all the tourist, but I feel like you do. It's good for the economy and I think the locals would be more upset if they didn't come! So many businesses rely on them. Looks like a nice place.

Jan said...

Oh, Sue! It looks as if you have the best of all worlds living where you do and having a vacation home in Fuerteventura. Whitstable looks really lovely in your photos in spite of what you say about it. Thanks for sharing the photos!

suzannepaints said...

Love your description. Having been a tourist once or twice myself, I often wonder about homes near the beaten path. Or the pebble beach, in this case. Saw your Canary Island pics and am remembering that people in New Orleans, for instance, leave in droves during the season of Mardi Gras.
O the frail human condition!

Dors said...

Well Sue it looks very relaxing and inviting. Nice that you get the beach to yourselves in the winter.
Thanks for sharing..I always love to see your photos of the old country.