Friday, 31 December 2010

31/12: LAST POST IN 2010

I shan't be sorry to say goodbye to 2010 .... as friends and followers will know my stepson had a very nasty motorcycle accident in April.  He was in a coma for 5 weeks and hospital for 23 weeks.  Thankfully he is now continuing his rehab and recovery at home with his Mum and stepdad.  

The plans we had were scuppered and hospital visiting dominated our Summer.  For that reason I will not be joining my many Blogger friends who are being very organised and setting out their goals and objectives for the New Year.   I will probably put in some entries for a couple of exhibitions/competitions but anything else will be 'played by ear' - I intend to just enjoy my art but will not be following a structured plan!  (that's my excuses over .... better than making lots of resolutions and breaking them before the month is out methinks)!!

Our first Grandchild arrived at the end of October and she is lovely (Sophie-Louise)  - so the family news wasn't all bad although I had to be dragged kicking and screaming into Grannyhood   :o)

Anyway, here is an update on Snow Drop ... I didn't manage to finish her today for my last 2010 portrait - she will have to be my first 2011 completion.

We are off to stay with friends this evening ... we traditionally see in the New Year together and have tried various venues -our holiday home in the Canaries, Bernkastel Germany,  Vianden Luxembourg, EuroDisney Paris ... and a couple of  'posh' hotels in the UK.   This year we decided to save megabucks and stay at home with a take-away curry and a few bottles of bubbly.    I'm sure this will be the best one yet!!

Have a great New Year everybody wherever you are and I look forward to catching up with you all in 2011



Jan said...

Thank you for the well wishes for the coming New Year. You know I wish the same for you and yours! And, like you, I have no plans for any goals or resolutions - all I intend to do is my best this year.

Snow Drop looks awesome - it's coming along very well and I can't wait to see it finished!

Steve Drew said...

WHOA...Love this one, Sue. Looks like you had a rough year in 2010. I'm sure 2011 will be much better!

Chrissy said...

Have a lovely time, unusully we are just t home this year...but it fits :-)
all the best and Happy New Year X

Laura Barber-Riley said...

Happy New Year Sue, glad to hear that your stepson is continuing his recovery at home. All the best for 2011 x

Jennifer Rose said...

I'm not making any plans for the year either, just going to play things by ear and see what comes.

happy new year! :)

sam said...

Snow drop looks fantastic youve captured such realism! Perhaps you are not making too many plans for 2011 but here is a wildlife competition that you might want to enter. Something Ive thought about myself:
And by the way a curry and beer is my idea of heaven;o)

sue said...

Thank you all
We had a great time with our friends and went on to visit our Mums and my horse this afternoon ... so day one of 2011 nearly over!!

Sam - thanks for the link. I don't think I have anything 'ready drawn' that would be suitable but will try to make time to put in an entry. Last year's winning pictures were fabulous weren't they.

ps: curry was great!

Keith said...

Ah Vianden. Know it very, very well ( trust me ) You, me and Victor Hugo !

Have a superb 2011. Only good things. Trust me.

sue said...

Not sure what part you see me playing in that trilogy :o) VH was a 'bit of a lad' wasn't he!

Thanks for your good wishes Keith and 'same to you'