Wednesday, 1 December 2010


Just thought I'd try to make a short post on my blog as its a week since we arrived at our little holiday home on the lovely Canarian Island of Fuerteventura.    The weather was fantastic on our first afternoon but has been very 'iffy' since .... we had the most fantastic storm on Monday night with lots of thunder and lighting - very noisy and very bright ... even at 3am!!  According to the local weather station, on Monday night 7028 lightning flashes were counted (makes you wonder who counted them ... but I agree there were lots of them)

Despite the rain/storms, the temperatures here are 22 degrees warmer than in the UK (and I'm quoting shade temperatures here)

I brought the camera with me but forgot the battery charger so I haven't got any new pics.    Here's a little postcard we made last year showing 3 of our favourite views in Corralejo, and all of them within a few minutes walk of our house.  The top view is of the Harbour in the 'old town' and this is our favourite area with lots of lovely bars and restaurants who don't cater for the 'British' tourists wanting 'gutbuster breakfasts' and TVs showing soaps and football!!   We avoid places like that at all costs.   The Ferries leave from here to go to Lanzarote ... which you can just see in the background.

The middle picture is taken from one of our favourite beach bars overlooking the 'town beach'  - A great place to chill out at the end of each evening also

The last view is our first glimpse of the sea when we leave our house and take the 'beach walk' into town ... it looks a little bleak as there isn't much sand here .. its all volcanic rock but still very spectacular.  The famous Corralejo sand dunes are a 15 minute walk from here - real Lawrence of Arabia stuff.    I love this place!

Just 15 minutes walk from our house we have the famous Fuerteventura sand dunes ... miles of sand and turquoise sea .....    wish you were here????

Seriously, I hope everyone in the UK is managing stay warm and safe and the snow isn't causing too many problems.

I'm sitting out on our patio with a glass of wine and it is just getting dark at 6.30pm so I need to find a cardi  to cover my bikini/shorts ... I'm pretty sure I wouldn't be sitting outside at home in Whitstable!!  Actually its getting pretty bl**dy cold now so time to get into warmer clothes.     If this posts successfully I'll try another one later in the week.


  1. I am so jealous right now! we are surrounded by snow :/ send some of that heat this way please! :p

  2. Thanks Sue for sharing your holiday with us. WOW it looks awesome. Stay cool in the day and keep cosy warm at night.

    Have a wonderful time you deserve it all.
    Will wait for the updates... Cheers. enjoy your wine and all the good food in those lovely restaurants.

  3. Hey Sue, nice to see your warm sunny pics, I am envious! It is still so cold and we are under a good dropping of snow this morning, so dont bring your shorts back you wont need them !

  4. OK, OK, Sue, don't rub it in. It's freezing here, but luckily this part of Somerset seems to be the only part of UK that hasn't seen much snow....just a little dusting last night while the rest of the country grinds to a usual.

    Have a good time, stay warm LOL.

  5. Sounds like you're having a fantastic holiday! Enjoy!

  6. That sounds like a lifetime away right now. I hope you continue to have a lovely time, you might feel the cold when you get back ;)

  7. I'm so glad you're getting some nice warm weather! It's been very cold here and supposed to be that way into the foreseeable future (the weathercaster's foreseeable future, that is).

    Enjoy yourselves!

  8. Thanks ladies
    The weather is disappointing inasmuch as we haven't seen much sun - lots of cloud still. But the temperatures are still in the mid 20s in the daytime so a lot warmer than back home in Kent!

    We're coping :-)

  9. Aw Sue you should be here in the UK freezing cold and working your butt off on a book full of late Christmas commissions just like the rest of us!.....jealous? me?;-)

  10. We got back last night Kay and now have sooo much to do between now and Christmas that the holiday is forgotten already!!

    I have just one picture to finish and hand deliver next week but lots of Xmas shopping and household stuff to catch up on


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