Tuesday, 28 December 2010


I outlined a yellow labrador, my next commission, but despite having good reference photos I found myself prevaricating and making very little progress.  I think its just the aftermath of Christmas and entertaining etc which is making me a little sluggish :o)

So I've put the labrador to one side and will go back to work on it tomorrow.     In the interim I started work on this border collie puppy.   You may recognise the puppy as he was the model for my 'Windy Day' picture which was awarded Best in Show at the World of Coloured Pencil Exhibition 2009 at the Cumberland Pencil Museum.  I have several similar photos of the same dog and as he is so cute I thought I'd use him as the model to get me back on track.   The last drawing was completed in coloured pencil on drafting film.  This one is pastel on white pastelmat paper.

This is a photograph taken with flash so colours aren't accurate but I'll get better shots as the picture progresses.



  1. Ah, so cute Sue. I am having difficulty getting going again too, I put it down to the poor light and short days.

  2. This Border Collie pup is coming out amazing! You do such a wonderful job on animals and I'm looking forward to the finished piece. I hope you're feeling better...and Sophie is too cute for words!!!

  3. Looking real sweet Sue! Can't wait to see this one and the lab finished!

  4. Thanks ladies. I needed something to 'kick-start' the art again and this seems to be doing the trick.

  5. This is beautiful, what a wonderful face. Well done you for getting going again. The light is so awful right now!

  6. the eyes and nose looks brilliant already :) cute doggie

  7. He's sooooo cute and no matter what medium you use, I know it will end up being another winner.

    Same for me trying to get going again - too long away from any art, I guess.


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