Friday, 17 December 2010

17/12: WE'RE BACK!!

Its always difficult getting back on track after a holiday but we are both really struggling Big Time today.   It isn't so much the 25+ degree drop in temperature, but more the fact that it is dark here in Kent  at 3.30pm .... nearly 3 hours earlier than in the Canaries!

Anyway, we had a fabulous time catching up with friends who live/work full time in Fuerteventura - I think tourism is picking up again and all the restaurants and bars seemed busier .. though it was strange listening to Christmas Carols and festive music being piped through the shop and supermarket sound systems.

Our internet connection was so poor that I couldn't log onto Blogger, or many of the art websites I enjoy in the UK and I probably won't be able to catch up on 3 weeks worth of missed posts now .. so this post is just to say Hi to all my blogger friends

I will be out and about for most of tomorrow ... visiting Roxy (my horse)  our Mums, our daughter and new grand-daughter and I also have to deliver a Christmas portrait (3 Grandchildren).    

I have one more Christmas portrait to finish - it will be hand-delivered mid next week and I made a start on it late this afternoon.   The subject is an English Bull Mastiff who very sadly passed away recently.  I had the privilege of knowing him for four years ... a real gentle giant!   We used to joke about how he conserved his energy, rarely breaking into a trot even when excited ... but since discovered that he had heart problems which made him lethargic .... RIP Noggin .. You are sadly missed by all the gang!  I hope your Mum will be pleased with the portrait.

Hopefully will be able to post a couple of WIP pics tomorrow evening or Sunday.    

Then I have a beautiful yellow lab to complete for an early January birthday so will be working right up until Christmas Day!!

No pictures to post today ... but will get back on track over the weekend!

Incidentally, have any of my UK blogger friends discovered 'purple potatoes' ??    We bought a small pack of 'Albert Bartlett Purple Majesty Potatoes' yesterday .... they taste wonderful as simple baked potatoes.   They look like a cross between standard potatoes and uncooked beetroot.    The flesh is purple and even when peeled, boiled and mashed they retain their unusual colour.    The flavour is good and I'm going to cook some with Christmas lunch ....... just to wind up the guests!! ... I'm pretty certain neither our Mums or the 'younger generation' will have tried them yet!    Happy days ...!!

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