Sunday, 19 December 2010


Another progress report on the portrait I'm currently working on - I'm aiming to deliver this on Wednesday - weather permitting.

I believe Noggin was a Bull Mastiff, although he doesn't have as much of a 'black mask' as the breed standard demands ... but he was a lovely character and I've had my toes squashed many times when he sat on my feet to prevent me moving when he wanted attention.    This portrait is a surprise Xmas present so I hope it isn't too soon after Noggin's death which was about 6 weeks ago ....

This afternoon I've been adding lots more fine hair detail - quite a challenge with all those wrinkles and folds.  I'd like to get the hair finished tomorrow so I can concentrate on his nose and muzzle area.   I have a square mount and frame ready and waiting ... he was kind of a square shaped dog so I think it will work well.

Again, the photo was taken in poor light conditions, using flash but I'll take the final picture/s in daylight when the portrait is finished so the colours will be truer

We had a little more snow here this afternoon but the temperatures must have risen above freezing point as some of the snow has melted this afternoon.  We still have around 5 inches of snow in the garden.    

I took pity on the birds this morning and warmed up some of the frozen fatballs in the microwave (much to David's horror) .... but how would he like to have to sit and wait for his dinner to defrost??   Anyway, 3 x 20 second bursts of full microwave power for a dozen fatballs worked perfectly and we've had a constant stream of feathered visitors this afternoon who were very appreciative!!


  1. What a handsome face. I think he wants a dog treat :)
    ☼ Sunny

  2. He's looking real good Sue. I'm sure the owners will be touched.

  3. Great work Sue. I hope I see this finished before we leave this week.

    Glad you microwaved the fat balls for the birds. I would do the same.

    Have a super time over Christmas with your family and friends.

  4. Welcome home, Sue! So sorry you all have had that nasty white stuff in such abundance on your return.

    Your portrait is looking good and I know the recipients will be so grateful to have such a beautiful memorial.

  5. hi Sue
    I look forward to see this progress, looks great so far!

  6. This is coming along beautifully Sue - you do such wonderful work on the pastel mat!!! I hope your Christmas is a fabulous one (in spite of the weather) and look forward to catching up next year!!! xx


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