Tuesday, 21 December 2010

21/12: SLIGHT THAW ?

Here in Whitstable we enjoyed some very weak sunshine which was enough to melt some of the recent snow ... and as you can see, these gulls took the opportunity to soak up some rays on a neighbour's roof.  

I nearly made this a caption competition .. ??!!

The slight thaw, and the news that the local council had gritted all major roads in Kent, encouraged us to venture out in the car to buy a few 'stocking fillers' .....

This is the 'cleared' road through Blean Woods ... en route from Whitstable to Canterbury.  Well done to Canterbury Council!!

we also checked whether our neighbours needed any essential supplies ... we have two neighbours, both single ladies in their 80s (and both real toughies)!!   I'm always worried about being too 'pushy' and annoying them but I was really upset this morning to get a call from the daughter of one of the ladies who was worried that she had received a distress call but  hadn't been able to make phone contact with her mum.

Our 83 year old neighbour's electric system had 'tripped' and the power box was too high on the wall for her to reach  ..... she still had lighting in the house but couldn't use any appliances.     This happened at 8pm last night and so she took herself off to bed to get warm.   This morning she dressed herself in many layers of warm clothing and phoned her daughter (she could make calls but not receive incoming calls because of the problem).   Her daughter phoned us and I went to her Mum's house and was able to throw the trip switch and restore normality ... but she'd gone 12 hours without access to hot food or drinks ..... Senior Citizens can be so bl**dy proud!!      When I restored the power (a matter of seconds) she was so overwhelmingly grateful and apologetic for bothering us that I felt like crying ..... she was a 'gunner' in the War and, in her own words, a toughie!!!    She could certainly teach younger generations a thing or two about life!!"

Anyway,    to end on a happier note ..... despite last night's snowfall ... life goes on ..

and  I hope you don't think I'm fixated on Squirrels but I do admire their cunning and tenacity.    I put some peanuts in the bird feeder tray this afternoon and within minutes this visitor arrived ... I have no idea why the background is so 'orange' as in reality its our snow covered garden ??   My camera must have picked up on the distant fence colouring.

I love the expression on his/her face.

Because of the weather conditions, we haven't been able to visit parents, children or my horse since getting back from Fuerteventura last week ... tomorrow we hope to rectify that.    I also need to deliver the last Christmas portrait tomorrow or Thursday so, fingers crossed!!!


  1. Great post Sue! I guess you are braving the cold too mind you your night shot makes the snow look very pretty. Hope you guys have a wonderful Christmas;)

  2. Thanks Sam
    We are assuming that all the family will be able to get to us for Christmas/Boxing Day - if the weather prevents them coming we'll be eating Turkey and Ham for weeks!!

    Have a good one yourself :o)

  3. I recently painted 3 seagulls. This image leaped out at me! Merry Christmas.

  4. Thank you Susan and a Merry Christmas to you and yours!

    We tend to take seagulls for granted, having so many nearby, but they are great characters and seem to have a great sense of humour :o)


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