Thursday, 30 December 2010


This is Snow Drop - her identity tag shows the name as two separate words.

Progress is slow with this picture .... I am definitely struggling with the Sennelier Pastel Card and I'm not sure if its the colour or the gritty texture which is slowing me.    I suspect I should have laid a base of soft pastel first to help with depth ... but I haven't got any soft pastels in white or grey (to be added to shopping list) (!!)

This is where I finished tonight ... I have put in quite a lot of eye and nose detail just to make me feel a little happier about the picture .. although I know I'll have to keep 'touching up' these areas as the pastel dust dulls them.

and here are some photos I took along the way.  It really has been a case of slowly building up the colour.   These are all taken with flash and don't show the underlying shades of cream, grey, blue and pink that I've used to help add contours to her face.   Maybe they'll be clearer if I remember to photograph the next stage whilst we still have some daylight (I won't call it sunlight as we've had heavy mist/fog hanging around all day so I've had to work with two daylight lamps burning)!

It would be nice to think I can finish her tomorrow but realistically it will most likely need an extra day so I'll aim to finish her by Sunday and start work 'proper' on the commissioned portrait of a labrador.    With these two 'under my belt' I feel as though I've finally got back into the swing of things.

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  1. Brilliant job Sue. Love the soft looking hair and that nose looks so gorgeous and wet. Oh I just love it all. can't wait to see Snow Drops finished.


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