Monday, 3 August 2009

03/08: Whitstable & Tankerton Sunsets & Views

I can't believe its nearly 2 years since we moved to Tankerton (Whitstable) - where has all the time gone?? There is always so much going on in this part of the world but we've really not made the most of all the opportunities. I have been very busy with commissions and David with various voluntary agencies he has joined. Whitstable has become very fashionable and its almost impossible to move round the town and beachfront in the Summer months. The famous beach huts here sell/rent for 'silly money' as they are so popular with the DFLs (as the locals call the City Gents with their families - 'Down from London's)!! But it is their money which keeps our local shops and pubs afloat through the leaner winter months so we mustn't complain about how crowded the beaches/restaurants are in the Summer!!

A few of our feathered friends
Ballet dancing Seagull?? I hope this isn't the same gull that likes to headbutt our patio doors most days - he is making a horrible mess on the glass and must have given himself some nasty headaches by now!
Beach huts on the path between Tankerton and Whitstable. During the Summer they are all occupied with families and friends enjoying a few bottles and barbecues on the beach.
This pub is actually on the beach at Whitstable (and subsiding gradually) - it is one of the most widely photographed buildings in this part of Kent as it is silhouetted against the bright skyline.
We have beautiful sunsets here. and another one!


Jennifer Rose said...

o.0 those sun shots are gorgeous! the colours are amazing

Jo said...

I love the Seagull :-))