Saturday, 15 August 2009

15/08: UKCPS Exhibition Birmingham

I have been out visiting the 'three old ladies' today - Mum, Mum-in-law who is 91 years young tomorrow, and my retired horse Roxy who is now 24 years young.

Got home to find an email confirming that three of my coloured pencil pictures have been accepted for hanging in the UK Coloured Pencil Society's exhibition in September (Birmingham). This came as a total surprise because they are all practice pieces and I didn't really expect them to be selected by the judges ..... but I'm very happy that they were :o)

This is entitled 'Coat of Many Colours'. It was one of my first coloured pencil drawings on drafting film and for this one I have used a black backing sheet.

This is also coloured pencil on drafting film (using a black backing sheet). Lurch is a rescue vulture who was ill treated by previous owners and has a couple of missing toes. He now rules the roost (literally) at a local wild bird/owl rescue centre and tours the County with a selection of his feathered friends raising funds, and awareness for his sanctuary.

I've called this Victoria's Secret, though her real name is Anya!! I wanted to practice my 'negative drawing' but hadn't realised quite how difficult this would be. I've used only white, grey and blue coloured pencils on black paper

Unfortunately, it has proved to be as difficult to photograph as my graphite drawings. It really does look better 'in the flesh'


Jennifer Rose said...

congrats on getting in :D

Laura Barber-Riley said...

Congratulations, well deserved, they are really fabulous drawings. Hope they go down well at the exhibition and make you lots of money! :-D

I feel your pain on the photographing work front. I have recently completed a CP commission that I was really pleased with... however regardless of how I photograph it looks awful and nothing like the actual drawing! Gah!

sue said...

Thank you :-)
The pics have been gathering dust here for a while so I'll be pleased to actually do something with them - I'm sure I'll be happier once they are mounted and framed.
I think photographing/scanning our works is the bane of most of our lives!

Jan said...

Congratulations! How wonderful for you! These are all fabulous and I also understand your frustration trying to photograph some pencil paintings.

As I said, they are all grand but my favorite is the dog - all the colors that you used work so well.

Lene said...

congratulations - and good luck.
I have a piece in too ;)