Sunday, 30 August 2009


People often ask how long it takes to complete a portrait ... what can I say?

If I sat down with my pastels and didn't stop for any breaks, I reckon I'd finish a single subject (from a good ref photo) in about 6 - 12 hours depending on the complexity. But its the waiting time that drags things out isn't it?

I'm waiting for final approval from Jake's owner (Border Collie) and for further feedback/instructions/approval from Jack's owner (horse).

I'm also waiting to hear from my client who commissioned the portrait of him and his girlfriend. He collected the portrait at 8am yesterday and was going to propose to her last night. He promised to keep me updated but I haven't heard back ... don't like to text him .. just in case :o(

Anyway, this is an update on Jack the horse. His owner is overseas at the moment but, from memory, she thought his forelock should be 'fluffier' and his mane darker (I hadn't coloured it in the scan I sent to her). She also thought his nostrils were too flared, but I think they look that way in the ref, so I need to wait for her input again.

May as well pour myself a glass of wine whilst waiting .... cheers, m'dears!!


Jo said...

I hate waiting too chuck. I don't think they sometimes 'get' that when you've spent so long completing a commission that you actually want to know details upto and including the recipients response. Enjoy your wine.....wines!!!!!!! XXXX

Jennifer Rose said...

I find waiting for feedback from customers so nerve racking, always worried that they whole thing is wrong. thankfully that hasn't happened yet lol

hopefully the proposal went well!