Wednesday, 26 August 2009

26/08: 'BITTY DAY'

I haven't been idle today, but I've started lots of things and nothing is finished .. you know how it is?

I've done some final tweaking on Jake (Border Collie) but didn't photograph it before we lost daylight so have nothing to send to his owner. I've also made some adjustments to the horse (Jack) as his owner tells me that Jack's forelock was very fluffy and his mane darker than it appears in the photographs. Again, I won't take photographs until tomorrow when I can take advantage of the natural daylight.

I have been working on 'mock ups' for a client who has commissioned a portrait of his three grandchildren for a Christmas Present. I will be working from 3 different references and have spent a few hours trying different compositions. We have now reached agreement about the one to use, so that is in the pipeline - probably for mid/end October now. I am a bit of a technophobe and it takes me a long time to do things like this. I've used Paint Net as I find it fairly easy to understand. I have recently uploaded GIMP which I understand is mean't to be very user friendly, but haven't had time to study it yet. This is a returning client. He originally commissioned a portrait of his daughter's dog for her birthday. His daughter reciprocated with a gift voucher for her dad's birthday - I recently drew his Boxer, Molly and now he and his wife want a triple grandchild portrait drawn ..

and ... I finally got round to picking damsons from the trees in our garden. After 30 minutes I had far too many, so delivered bags full to the elderly neighbours who promise to put them to good use. I painstakingly removed the stones this afternoon as I can't stand fishing them out of the hot jam once cooked! Hubby actually cooked the jam (although I had to provide instructions and a running commentary)!! We've had a little taster and the jam is superb .. slightly tart but that how we like it. If I have time in the next few days I'll pick some more and set him to work again!

Well enough waffling.. it will be back to the drawing board with a vengeance tomorrow.


Jan said...

It sounds as if you're plenty busy which is great! I don't know what Damsons are except that I think they're a variety of plum. If so, I remember making wild plum jelly many, many years ago and it's sweet-tart taste is one of my favorites!

Also, there's an article about the Gimp on Wet Canvas that might be of help to you. It's from a couple of years ago but the basics don't change. Here's the link:

Hmmm, looks as if you'll have to copy and paste it into your browser window. Hope it helps!

sue said...

Yep, damsons are a type of small wild plum. They are too sour to eat but make great jam as they are high in pectin so set easily. I've picked more fruit this evening so I'll set him to work tomorrow. I saw a recipe on the internet somewhere for pickled damsons - but don't know what you'd use these for ... will have to do some research. Makes a change for pickling onions and beetroot!!.

Thanks for the Wet Canvas link. I've made a note of it but won't get to visit for a while as I have so much to do in the week or so till we go on hols. All I really want to do is prepare 'mock up' compositions for clients, and learn how to adjust colours (whiten backgrounds on graphite pics) when my camera thinks its cleverer than me and makes up its own colour schemes :o)