Thursday, 6 August 2009

06/08: Happy Clients

I was recently commissioned by a lovely lady to draw a family group portrait (Gran, Mum & Aunt) for her Mum's birthday, and also a cat portrait (Gizmo) for a friend's birthday - both in July. This is what she had to say today:

""I Just wanted to say thank you once again for the pictures, Mum was speechless for once, and her sister had come down to surprise her so she got to see it as well. It was a big hit all round!

'C' - well she just burst in to tears, 'P' was actually jealous because he hadn't thought of the idea and really didnt have any idea the picture was going to be that good!

Ive attached C's email for you to see and a picture

Full names withheld for privacy
Here's an excerpt from her friend's email:

"Just want to say the biggest thank you to you both for the most amazing prezzie i have ever received. i still keep welling up every time i see the Gizmo picture! And when Gizmo saw the picture, sahe fluffed up her tail in defense, as if she had seen another cat.....but then she calmed down, so must have clocked that it was her or something!"


pett paintings said...

I love a happy ending :-)

sue said...

Me too :o)

Jo said...

They were both brilliant portraits Sue. Aren't you going to put the three ladies on your blog?