Sunday, 23 August 2009

23/08: Christmas commissions

I have been amazed at the steady flow of commission work I've received this year so far. With all the doom and gloom and publicity about the credit crunch etc., I really didn't expect to be kept in full time work with commissions ... sometimes its really nice to be proved wrong of course :o)

I will be taking a holiday in September and won't be undertaking any commissions for 3 whole weeks - just going to chill out and recharge the batteries ready for the Xmas rush. bliss!

Last year I closed my Xmas order book in early October and already this year I have received orders which will keep me fully booked up through October and November. I was quite excited at first with the double horse, Spaniel, then staffy commissions, as I always prefer the furry subjects :o). then got the double child and 3 child portraits in graphite .... I know I shouldn't really have favourites but I do like the four legged subjects best !! But I'm really not complaining ... I just love to draw!

will post again tomorrow with early pictures of my latest horse commission, but am off now to enjoy a large glass of cold white wine .... cheers !!

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Jan said...

Isn't it wonderful when we get commissions that we don't really expect? You're so good at what you do that it's no wonder you stay so busy! Congratulations!