Monday, 10 August 2009

10/08: Wing Walkers

I had a busy day yesterday - but not at the drawing board for a change! I went to take a look at the local Dogs Trust Fun Day and met some wonderful characters (and the humans were ok as well)

Then went with friends to the second day of the Regatta festivities on Tankerton slopes. It was a beautiful Summer day and the beachfront was jampacked with people enjoying a traditional fair atmosphere - we had Punch & Judy, donkey rides, yacht races and the most amazing spectacle of wing walking by Team "Guinot" Wing Walkers. Here are a few of the pictures I took - apologies for the quality but these planes moved very quickly and made sudden direction changes (looping the loop etc)

2 comments: said...

oh Wow! stunning stuff, love the photos Sue ;-)

sue said...

They were really amazing to watch but I've got no wish to try this!!