Sunday, 30 August 2009


Although its a great honour to have 3 portraits accepted by the jury to be hung at the UKCPS Exhibition next month, I decided to cut costs by mounting/framing the pictures myself. But I've spent days searching for ready made frames the right colour and sizes. I found the two larger (20" x 16") frames late last week and set hubby to work assembling them for me. I then found the 'perfect' frame for the smaller dog picture (coat of many colours). It was only when I'd assembled this one I realised the frame was metal and the exhibition rules stipulate only wooden frames may be used. Panic set in!! I couldn't find a wooden frame I liked. So many frames look like wood but turn out to be plastic .... in the end I made the radical decision to use a frame I had at home and paint the dark wood with silver acrylic to lighten it. The end result isn't quite what I wished for, but I've run out of time ..

I should have photographed these before the glass was in place as I've had to take them from funny angles to reduce glare (and my own reflection in the glass). But this just gives an idea of what the finished articles look like. Now I just have to arrange the courier delivery next week ..

2 comments: said...

wonderful artwork Sue, they look superb in their frames.

sue said...

Thanks Geraldine.
They've been collected by courier today .... so out of sight, out of mind as the saying goes ..
no point in worrying about them any more now