Friday, 24 August 2012


The double cat portrait has been approved so have just given it a light spray of fixative and it will be on its way to 'mum and dad' tomorrow.    I portrayed the client's chocolate labrador  as a wedding present and this cat portrait was commissioned as a first anniversary gift ... so they have the 'full set' now.

The internet is invaluable for providing 'work in progress' pictures to clients for critique/approval, but with the vagaries of monitor colours, photography -v- scanning it can be difficult at times.     I scanned and photographed the portrait and got very different results.  The photograph (in the mount/mat) is probably most accurate as the scan has come out very 'bright'.

The photograph

The scan

Anyway,   I'm pleased that the client is happy.  I've now packed away my pastels for a while and cleaned up my studio (black pastel dust everywhere it seemed)!!    Although I close the door to my studio when the house-sitters are here, I like to leave it as clean as possible - just in case they take a peek!   So, off to the sunshine on Sunday - can't wait!


Christine Perry | Graphite Art said...

Delilah and Loki look amazing! Your clients must have been very happy to receive this artwork. What pastels are you working with?

sue said...

Thank you Christine .... I previously portrayed their chocolate lab (commissioned as a Wedding Gift for them) and this was commissioned as the first anniversary present.

I used pastel pencils of Fisher 400 sanded paper. Mostly Conte, Derwent and (my favourite for bright highlights) Stabilo Carbothellos as there are some lovely mauves/reds and blues in the range which really help lift the highlights in black fur.

Jan/ said...

They look wonderful, Sue, and I know the clients will be so happy to receive them.

Enjoy Fuerteventura, get a good rest but get back to painting as soon as you can. Congrats on the acceptance of your work in the UKCPS Exhibit also!

sue said...

Thank you Jan

Lots of last minute dashing around to do today - including posting the portrait!

Jo said...

Glad the cats were accepted. Envy you your trip to Fueraventura. Have a great time.

hmuxo said...

A beautiful portrait of these gorgeous cats. Your client will be forever happy with it.