Tuesday, 21 August 2012

21/08: MORE CATS

So much going on at the moment .... I'm struggling to find time to update the Blog but here are some WIP (work in progress) photos of the current double cat commission.

Loki (short coated) and Delilah (long coated) are brother and sister.   I'm working from a selection of photos to try to see as much detail as possible - black cats have so many colours in their fur when you really look closely - I've been using lots of blues, mauves, browns and reds to get as much depth as possible and help define the highlights.

This is where I stopped work today, now its on the screen I can see a couple of areas that need tweaking then I'll be able to add the final touches - amazing how different cats look with whiskers and eyebrows!! and a suggestion of floor to 'ground' them.  

I'm using pastel pencils, mainly Conte, Derwent and (my favourite for bright highlights) Stabilo Carbothellos on Fisher 400 sanded paper:

This image (with mount laid on top) was sent to Loki and Deli's 'dad' on Friday to ensure he is happy with progress so far - and he is ...

We've just experienced the hottest weekend of the year and it coincided with the Whitstable Regatta weekend and Herne Bay week-long Festival.  My Mum has visited for a few days so we've been out and about at local 'tourist' attractions/events' and, as usual, I had my camera with me all the time so have a plentiful supply of 'odds and sods' photos to share  -   watch this space :-)


Katherine Thomas said...

Oh my goodness! This is coming along SO beautifully! I love the reference photo, and you're doing such a great job of capturing their expressions. Those are cute names too!

sue said...

Hi Katherine
Thank you so much for stopping by and commenting.
I have to admit to having a soft spot for Delilah - such wonderful whiskers (not drawn in yet of course)!

Jo said...

I've often thought I would love the ability to draw/paint. You certainly do. These cats are looking really good. Looking forward to your photos