Wednesday, 22 August 2012


I know I've shown photos before of the Breitling Wingwalkers when they performed at the local Regatta, but I'm just so impressed with their skill and the whole spectacle that I make no apology for showing a few of the photos I took on Saturday at nearby Herne Bay Festival.

The weather was hot and sunny with clear blue skies and the beaches and town centre shops were packed with tourists - obviously its school holidays here still so lots of families taking advantage of the sunshine 

The wingwalkers performed their magic for around 25 minutes until we were barely able to see the planes because of the smoke/vapour? trails they left which caused a fog-like atmosphere where we could scarcely see a few feet in front of us :-)

The 'wing walkers' seem to be enjoying themselves immensely - and they are all very glamourous ladies as you'll see from their website WINGWALKERS
So for a mere £399 anybody can 'have a go' it seems .... probably not for the faint-hearted or the over 55s methinks!

No particular order - just a few of the many photos I took - just look at that clear bright blue sky (not something we've seen much of this Summer)!!

As well as the Breitling Wingwalkers, we were treated to a display of spectacular flying by the RedBull Matadors - "2 pilots flying Sukhoi 26 unlimited aerobatic aeroplanes in close formation as well as some wacky synchronised and not so synchronised manoeuvres" is the way their performance is described on their website


Jennifer Rose Phillip said...

o.0 that is insane. even with the safety equipment, that is insane :p

sue said...

I know ...... so do you fancy trying it Jennifer????

Jennifer Rose Phillip said...

i don't know. part off me wants to but then the smart part kicks in and says no :p

sue said...

Well I figure I'm too old now but you're not ...

so you could ask for donations for birthdays etc towards the cost .... it would be an amazing experience ??

Jennifer Rose Phillip said...

you are never too old!

it would def. be an amazing experience, always want to go skydiving, would be close to it

Jo said...

Don't think I would try that whatever age I was. Fascinating to watch though, I bet. Not cheap to have a go though is it?

Lovely skies, sure you were still in Kent?

Jan/ said...

Commented once but not sure it was accepted so I'll just say

NO WAY would I want to do this!

Thanks for the great pics, Sue!

sue said...

Yep, definitely Kent sky Jo - although from Sunday onwards it got much cloudier here. Still warm though.

Hi Jan
I couldn't do some of those moves even standing on Terra Firma and especially not hanging upside down!!

Funny way to earn a living isn't it :-)