Tuesday, 14 August 2012

14/08: BIG IS BEST

Wasn't sure whether to post this one or not as it didn't work out as I'd wished ... but its 'all part of life's rich tapestry' as an ex-boss was fond of saying.

I undertook a portrait to combine several photos of a lady riding sidesaddle, working from old snapshots of her mounted on a horse sitting sidesaddle wearing modern clothing, and a selection of photos of her (not on horseback) wearing beautiful Victorian dresses. 

The picture was A3 sized (on Fisher 400 sanded paper) and worked in pastel.   But, I struggled to get the detail I'm used to in my usual head/shoulder portraits as the horse was (almost) full bodied, as was the rider, so obviously the faces were quite small.    I'm even more in awe of the miniaturists now!!

I was prepared to admit defeat with this one but offered my client the option of purchasing the portrait at a reduced price - which she did.    So here it is as a reminder to myself not to stray too far out of my comfort zone again - and stick with head & shoulders works :-)

I have been working on a lovely Border Terrier portrait (sadly she passed away earlier this year) and am just awaiting feedback/guidance  from the client before putting the finishing touches to the portrait as the dog was elderly and the ref photos aren't the clearest.    Just like we ladies, cats and dogs get very grey as they 'mature' and I just need to know how grey they'd like her to be portrayed.

Whilst waiting for feedback I'll be working on a double cat portrait  ... so watch this space!

Tomorrow afternoon I'm off to a Big Cat Sanctuary for a fund raising event.   I'm taking my camera but don't know if there will be any photo opportunities - fingers crossed!


hmuxo said...

I KNOW your client has to love this painting, Sue! Its beautiful...the horse is painted perfectly and I love the colors and pattern on the rider!!! Excellent piece.

Jo said...

I do so agree, I love the painting.

sue said...

Thanks very much Hilda and Jo - makes me feel a little better about it but I'm definitely not happy about 'working small'.