Wednesday, 15 September 2010


I was determined to knuckle down and start work on a new 'human' commission this morning. I worked out the composition and printed off photos - although I'll be referring to the computer image a lot as the reference isn't  as clear as I'd like so I'll need to  play around with settings to help me see detail.

Then I found the paper I needed had a faint creasemark in it - no idea if it was like that on arrival as its been stored away for several weeks.   It was my last piece of that particular colour.

I tried to order more online but found that my favoured supplier (who doesn't charge postage) only supplies the paper in multi-packs (which I don't need).  No. 2 favourite supplier sells the paper in single sheets but charges delivery ... so to make it more worthwhile I ordered a few more bits and bobs ... as you do!    I still didn't get to the price level which guarantees free delivery though.

Got to the final online ordering stage and was asked for my Customer No. and password.   Needless to say I couldn't remember these so had to hunt through old invoices/delivery notes till I found one that showed my customer number.    I tried this in combination with all the usual passwords ... Computer said NO!!   In desperation I phoned the supplier and spoke to a human who advised me that my customer number online is not the same as my customer number which they use on delivery documentation (# ! ?).   Never mind, I thanked her very nicely and entered my online customer number in the appropriate box ... none of the passwords worked with it.    So I had to send an online request to the supplier to notify me by email of my password (which they had changed as I'd had too many failed attempts).

Next time I think it will be quicker to drive 40 minutes to my closest art shop and buy the paper the good old fashioned way!!

I'm going for a lie down now .... :o)


Miniature Art by Karen Hull said...

LOL Sue - doesn't it drive you nuts!!! People say to me how relaxing it must be to be a full-time artist - If they only knew!!!

sue said...

Ummm you're so right! However it doesn't help knowing that I could have avoided this headache if I'd checked my paper stock earlier - but the paper was still in its wrapper so I didn't suspect there'd be a problem. Hindsight is a wonderful thing isn't it?

Jan said...

Too funny, Sue! But been there, done that! Finally got better organized but now have a folder of passwords, etc. that's more than an inch thick!!!

Hope you got your paper!

sue said...

Well I have a record of (nearly) all of mine .. but this one obviously slipped through the net. I got the paper and am currently using some of it on a double human portrait.