Monday, 13 September 2010


Since returning from our holiday I've found it very difficult to settle back to a routine and additionally we are making more visits to the London Hospital for a couple of weeks, covering whilst Richard's Mum takes some holiday.

I've also been 'tidying up' my order book and sorting out compositions for a couple of the portraits which have more than one subject.   I now have a clear idea of the order in which I'll be undertaking the commission up until Christmas.

Now that the excuses are out of the way :o)   here's an update on the grey horse who is called P'tang (his stable name is Teco apparently).  It may not look as though much has been done but I've been steadily building up the intensity of the white/grey coat using tiny, light strokes being careful to always follow the direction of the individual hairs.  I'm almost at the stage where I can begin to add the grey 'fleabitten' spots and brighten his mane and forelock .  Then a bit of tweaking on the headcollar and it will be time to ask for critique/approval from his 'mum'.    I'll continue working on him tomorrow and then will return to the 'people portraits' (which I can't show yet unfortunately).


Fay Akers said...

this is lovely!
I hope one day I will be saying
'tidying up' my order book

Teresa said...

Wow. Once again I'm amazed. Looking great, Sue!