Tuesday, 28 September 2010


No that isn't an instruction!!
Ever since we moved to this house 3 years ago I've wanted a hedgehog as I know our garden and the surrounding area would be perfect.

At our last home we had a large garden backing onto woodland and fields and we had badger setts in the garden (we fed the badgers every evening).  I don't want to get involved with the issues re. badger culling -v- Bovine TB - we had no cows close to our home and I loved feeding the badgers - especially when the youngsters came out to play).   Anyway, Badgers kill hedgehogs - so no hope of finding a hedgehog in that garden.  In this garden we have three sheds they can hide under, an area behind the 'proper' garden where the compost heap is - and we have lots of areas of undergrowth and fruit trees etc.   I applied to several hedgehog rescue centres offering to rehome one or two - but didn't get one response!

I was over the moon last night when, for the first time in weeks, I got on the exercise bike and started pedalling whilst idly looking out of the patio doors.  I saw a dark shadow shuffling around by the patio and when I checked further saw an enormous hedgehog ... I reckon he was as long as a patio tile (16") but according to everything I read they don't normally get bigger than 14" so either I've got a 'freak' or I misjudged his size in the gloom.   He was snuffling around the fallen sunflower heads/seeds.   I managed to get one photo of him before he ambled off.   I saw him again about an hour later then he disappeared.   I've called him Spike (not very original)

Hubby isn't so chuffed ..... this little chap has obviously decided to mark his territory.   He left hedgehog poo on our doormat at the front door/porch (and they are quite large offerings)!  He left more at the corner of our patio near our outdoor dining furniture .... so I hope it means he is going to stay.

David obviously has too much time on his hands as he's made up a sign or two which he plans to stick at strategic points in the garden ... hope Spike can read:

So I've been reading up on how best to look after garden hedgehogs .... must go shopping for chicken flavoured pet food, unsalted peanuts and mild cheese!!   and I've found instructions for making hedgehog feeders (to protect the food from cats or seagulls) ..... that'll keep hubby occupied for a day or so!

We're out tonight so I won't be able to tell whether Spike returns .... but watch this space


Amatheya said...

He looks like a bit of a monster in your photo, hope he hangs around for you:)
The hedgehog poo issue made me laugh, love the keep off signs :)

K. T. Sparks said...

I guess we are kindred spirits because I would be excited myself to have a hedgehog visiting! I love living near the woods and having visitors of the wild nature. It makes life so much more interesting. I hope he can read!

sue said...

I've just got home at 10pm and no sign of him tonight .. but he may have been here earlier.

Jilly said...

Yeay a hedgepig! - don't know why we call them that, something John made up clearly most husbands must have too much time on their hands. We have had hedgepigs for a few years now and last year Mrs Hedgepig brought her babies out to play! They eat the slugs and snails so I'm very happy about that as we have more than our fair share of those too! Did you know that their territory cover around 30 - 40 back gardens - busy little critters!

Dors said...

Oh he is gorgeous. hope he stays around for you.
Bow that's what I call a sign. hehehe.

I had a lovely surprise this week too. We have a Mummy and baby possum in the tree right ourside our patio and they seem to be coming each night. I will put a photo on my blog.
It doesn't take much to make us girls happy eh! hugs.

Miniature Art by Karen Hull said...

What a charming little tale and photos. I hope he comes to visit some more Sue!!!

sue said...

Tis true ... I think we're all suckers for our little garden friends (even the rodents if they have shiny eyes and fluffy coats)!

European hedgehogs are now on the Endangered Species list ... by 2020 they could be extinct so I'm keen to do my bit to ensure this doesn't happen.

Teresa said...

LOL!!! Laughed aloud when I saw your hubby's sign :-)

I love hedgehogs, but we don't have them here :-(

Chrissy said...

That is so lovely.. :D You know I hardly ever see them any more in Shropshire. I used to have them living in my garden in the past but I haven't spotted one in ages :(