Friday, 17 September 2010


Not sure if its a Blogger problem or whether my computer is throwing a wobbly, several comments are repeating on previous threads ... I've deleted most of them I think but ... just to test it:

You may remember I showed a photo of my garden recently on a gusty day when the potplants and ornaments had blown over.   The small sunflower plants never recovered so yesterday David cut them down but left the flower/seed heads on the patio for the birds to find.  

The birds were too slow ....  this little chap couldn't believe his luck.  When he'd eaten his fill of seeds he carried a couple of the flowerheads away and I watched him burying them in another part of the garden.   Well these particular sunflowers arrived courtesy of the birds and squirrels dropping seeds ... so looks like we'll have another good display next year!!

 Now he knows how to plant stuff we just have to teach him  how to pull weeds and mow the lawn :o)

We have a long day tomorrow - visiting my horse, our Mums, Richard in hospital and collecting a picture from the London Gallery now the SOFA exhibition has ended.    So hope everyone has a good weekend and we'll catch up next week


Teresa said...

What an adorable and smart little gardener!

Jan said...

We have some "gardeners" like that and have pecans trees coming up in unwanted places as a result!

Those are some great photos though - very sharp and clear. He must be just about tame!

Sunny said...

How cute. You can't look at this little fella without smiling.
☼ Sunny

sue said...

I know they are pests - but I agree Sunny that you have to smile at the cheeky faced 'rats' We had to dig out our Kentish Cob nut trees (kind of Hazel nut) as the squirrels knew exactly when the nuts were ripe and stripped them before we got the chance to harvest any.

Jan these pics were taken through the double glazed patio doors so they turned out clearer than I'd expected ... the squirrels aren't too bothered by humans but obviously we discourage them from getting too close to the house.