Thursday, 4 February 2010

04/02: BACK HOME

We flew back home yesterday afternoon to grey sky, drizzle and temperatures 20 degrees lower than those we left at our home in the Canaries BRRRRRR

Today has been spent catching up with correspondence and emails and generally acclimatizing. I really have to get cracking on the pictures tomorrow as I have two beautiful spaniels, a sheepdog and a young boy to complete by the end of February.

These are the main references I will work from for the Spaniels. The picture of the black dog is a scan showing her as a young dog and I will need to refer to more recent photos of her to fill in the missing detail (omitting the grey hairs) :o) These will be drawn in pastel.


Dors said...

Welcome home. I expect you have come back home for a rest. LOL.
I think you experienced a bit of everything.
Will be good to see you art work again.

sue said...

I'm really pleased that we got all the interior decorating finished and we bought all the tiles to enable our 'man that can' to tile some of the garden walls whilst we are away. We'll see the end result when we go back in 5 weeks time.

I'm feeling much more motivated to pick up my pencils today (despite the non-stop rain/poor light outside) and am just debating whether to finish the young boy's portrait in coloured pencil which I started a while back or get the pastels out and start on the spaniels. I need a couple of mugs of coffee to get the brain in gear.

Watch this space ... :o)

sue said...
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"JeanneG" said...

Sooooo glad you are back. Look at all those medals behind the blond spaniel. Great looking dogs. Can't wait to see your finish.

sue said...

Thanks Jeanne :o)

I'm told the blond spaniel is called a red spaniel (I think of her as 'champagne' coloured - I must read up about dog colouring) and she is a very clever agility dog ... hence the medals

Jan said...

So glad to have you home! Now get busy painting! lol

Those little spaniels are darling and the red one is especially fetching. Can't wait to see them finished!

Dors said...

The coffee must have worked well. I see you are right back into your art.

Happy drawing/pencil painting.

sue said...

Thanks Jan and Dors.