Monday, 15 February 2010

15/02: 'ALTERNATIVE' ART ???

I've reached one of those points this afternoon where I have to stop and reassess priorities.     I've 'tweaked' the two spaniel portraits and emailed photos to their Mum for critique/approval.  

I'm waiting for feedback/instructions  from my client regarding the brother & sister portrait in coloured pencil that I 'drafted out' yesterday.   

I'm awaiting reference photos from clients for the sheepdog and the grey horse.  I have photographs of a beautiful cat to work from for the end of this month and potentially a Weimaraner for early April.  I'm dithering as I can't really move forward till I get outstanding info from clients.

I have got a graphite 'double human' portrait on the go .... I took it out to Fuerteventura with me last month and made a start on it - but the humid weather made the paper damp so not sure if I can rescue it or whether I need to start again.  It isn't required till end March so I have time to 'play'

Whilst waiting .... I've been looking for 'silly' photos from which we can make up some new 'joker' cards for a friend in Fuerteventura who hosts General Knowledge Quizes at various bars in Corralejo.   'Mad Mik's  existing cards have been around for a couple of years and the laminate is wearing off - to say nothing of the way some of them have been defaced :o)  He is a brilliant Quiz Master and has a great sense of humour so I hope he will appreciate these.

This is the type of silly photo I searched out, and David has been busy substituting Mik's head/face ..... once downsized and laminated I hope it will still be possible to identify Mik!


sam said...

Hehe I like the mankini for a joker card!

sue said...

Yep, that's my favourite too :o)

Mik's quizes don't start till after 10pm (and if he has lots of teams participating don't finish till gone 1am) so I think the slightly 'naughtier' Joker cards will go down well, I'm still looking for more !