Saturday, 16 January 2010


Despite a couple of false starts because of the snow and airport closures, we eventually managed to fly to our home in Fuerteventura (Canaries) on Saturday evening. It was bliss to escape the snow (much as I love looking at it, the practicalities get a bit boring after a few days).

This is a working holiday and I´m pleased at the progress we´ve made so far. One bedroom has been totally repainted and new lampshades/bedding installed. The lounge is 95% repainted so a few more hours tomorrow should see it finished. We plan to redecorate one more bedroom and the outside porch area ... then we´ll pay a professional to tile the walls in our back garden/pool area. They are currently painted but, because of the weird plaster mix used by the Fuerteventurian builders, the plaster on all exterior walls continuously bubbles and ´blows´. Every year, I rub the walls down and repaint them and its becoming a boring, expensive task. So we´ll bite the bullet and pay someone to fix the problem permanently (we hope)!!

Then I hope we can enjoy the next two weeks just relaxing and recharging the batteries. I´ve got a lot of work lined up when we get back and I´m already missing my pencils and can´t wait to make a start. I´ve got some graphite pencils here with me and made a start on a double ´people´portrait which is required for end March .... I should have that finished by end next week if the decorating schedule goes to plan.

Hope everyone at home is coping well with the snow :0) .... thankfully we have none of that here - although it isn´t quite as sunny as expected. It has been cloudy for the last few days but the temperature is still mid to high 70s (in the shade) so I´m definitely not complaining.


Dors said...

Oh So glad you eventually got the Canaries. What a drama with the planes and snow.
You have been working hard. It's hard work decorating. Oh but when it's all frsh and new lampshades and bedding. Bet you are so pleased now.
Hope you manage to get some relaxation in before going home.

Enjoy the lovely sunshine.
Have fun.

sue said...

Thank you Dors
Í´m really pleased with progress on the decorating so far ... and the sun returned this afternoon so I´ve had a lovely relaxing few hours topping up the tan. Poor David is suffering - he isn´t a DIY person and all the climbing steps, stretching and bending has taken its toll so he is taking it easy today ;o)

sam said...

Hey! Hope you are having some time to relax. Snow has gone now, get a sun tan for me!

sue said...

Thanks Sam
I´m really enjoying the sunshine and the extra couple of daylight hours each day. I´m out of practice with decorating though and have a few aches and pains ... but its worth it. Really looking forward to getting back to the artwork soon having had a break for a while

Jan said...

I'm so glad you made to the warmer weather if not complete sunshine! When you finish there, you can come paint our walls! lol At least we have temps in the mid to high 60's right now!

sue said...

Hi Jan
We've have brilliant sunshine for the last few days so wall painting has taken a backseat for a while. Forecast is for cloudier weather at the weekend so I plan to get back 'to work' then.
I'm ashamed to say I've done nothing more with the graphite portrait I'm supposed to work on ... I've 'chilled out' a little too much and got the manana attitude :o)

Gary Keimig said...

sounds like a great break from the weather. And while we poor unfortunate artist hover over canvas just to stay warm. I guess someone has to do it. Hope you are rejuvenated and ready to finish the cat that looks like is going to be a nice piece.

sue said...

Cheers Gary
We're having a great time - the house is now totally repainted inside and we've done it at our own pace and managed to enjoy some sunshine and the odd glass of wine along the way :o)