Wednesday, 10 February 2010


I've been beaten by poor light I'm afraid. I have two daylight bulb lamps working and the overhead lights but am struggling to see the colours of my pencils properly.

The snow is settling here and looks as though it is going to last for a while longer yet - its very dark outside.

We are supposed to be going to Bruges tomorrow so just hope the wind dies down a little or it will be a very choppy ferry crossing to Calais :o)

I will continue to work on Meg on Friday. In the meantime I'll draft out the outline for Molly's portrait which will be based on the photograph I posted a couple of days ago. The detail will be obtained from more recent photos supplied by Molly's owner.

Again, apologies for the poor photos. I've tried various camera settings but there's no substitute for good natural light is there? Fingers crossed that the weather will be kinder/brighter on Friday.

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