Tuesday, 9 February 2010


Whilst waiting for my client's feedback re. the young boy's portrait, I spent a little more time working on the cat picture. I find it very therapeutic having a few pieces like this in the background so I can pick them up as and when I have time to work on them. I didn't want to clear the coloured pencils away in favour of pastels till I knew whether more work was required on Elliott's picture.

I was ridiculously indecisive about the colour and style of the cushion here. The 'real' cushion pad (from my 'studio' chair) is a chequered pattern in pastel colours - but I didn't want to draw anything that complicated. In the end I settled for this ..... still not sure if the cat will remain as a sandy/ginger colour but that's the beauty of a 'fun' piece ... I'll just play it by ear.

I had an email tonight from the lady who is owned by Molly and Meg (the two lovely spaniels I wrote about recently). I'm pleased to confirm that I have made a start on the portrait of Meg and will be posting some progress pictures tomorrow.

It always surprises me when I learn that people actually read my blog .... and I thought I was just talking to myself all this time !!!


Dors said...

Lovely cat ..wow those eyes and the fur looks so soft and cudley.

You are never talking to yourself here Sue... I read every word.. always very interesting.
Looking forward to seeing the start of Molly and Meg.

Loved following your story while away at your home in the Canaries.

geraldine.boley@googlemail.com said...

This is coming along beautifully Sue, tempts me to try a CP of Maisie, would be nice to have something to work on in between more stressful assignments ;-) I am just starting to enjoy the CP's still not sure I'm doing it right though !

Vic said...

Your cat pic is coming along a treat Sue....I like the colours alot and think it suits very well.

sue said...

Thanks ladies :o) I've been having fun with this one making it up as I go along. It will be at least a couple of weeks before I can do any more to it - so the cat could change colour again next month . Watch this space!!

Teresa said...

Beautiful! I really like the way the green background draws you to the green eyes.

sam said...

Looking great Sue, adorable face.

sue said...

Thanks Teresa and Sam :o)

Not quite sure where this one is going yet (if anywhere) but I'm enjoying 'playing'

"JeanneG" said...

Love those eyes and yes we are here even if we don't post.