Thursday, 11 February 2010


Today David and I are supposed to be going to Bruges. Its a place I've wanted to visit for some time, really just to explore the Canals and wander around the old Streets. I know it is sometimes referred to as the Vienna of the North but have heard mixed reviews and I'd like to experience it for myself and see whether its a location I'd like to visit when the weather is nicer in the Summer months.

P and O Ferries are offering the return crossing to Calais from Dover for just £19 - and that includes 6 free bottles of wine - so realistically the crossing is a freebie!

However, yesterday's snow continued throughout the night and it looks to be pretty deep in places outside, particularly where the snow has drifted in the high winds. We both woke up early and have been checking the weather forecast and Port of Dover travel sites (no information there though)! So we are going to chance it and hope that a) the roads are clear enough for us to get to Dover and b)the ferries are running.

If we don't make it, I'll be back at the drawing board by mid morning :o)

This is the very sketchy outline of the black spaniel, Molly which I drew last night. I wanted to capture the pose and block in some of the darkest shadow areas. This won't be straightforward as I'll be working from several reference photos but now I've made a start I look forward to working on it properly in a few days' time.

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