Sunday, 14 February 2010


I haven't been idle today. I have taken a break from pastel art to allow my fingers to heal - working on sanded paper plays havoc with the fingertips! I hope to get back to working on the two spaniels tomorrow morning.

I have a coloured pencil portrait of a brother and sister which needs to be completed and delivered before 24 February (Birthday present for their Mum). I anticipated starting work on that around Wednesday next week, but thought I'd make a start today. After six hours I've made pretty good progress but can't show you yet - just in case!

I have just added a couple of new pages to my Blog relating to my commission work - Rather than negotiating away from my Blog to my Website, you can check prices, sizes and my contact details by clicking on the appropriate headings at the top of this page (under the Header).


Dors said...

Sue being Idle........... Don't believe that LOL

You deserve a break.

sue said...

Thanks Dors .... Its because I keep having my sunshine breaks through the Winter that I have to work twice as fast to catch up between :o)

Back to Fuerte on 10 March then when we get home the clocks will have moved forward and Spring will be sprung ... so I'll be a happy bunny (I hate the wet cold days of Winter here)