Friday, 20 November 2009


Well I decided to spend a little more time on this portrait this morning then catch up with all the chores this afternoon. So I've called a halt now and we are about to brave the horrible weather to take our empty bottles to the bottle bank (and there are quite a few) ;O). Then we plan to be very naughty and stop off at the chippy - we don't often do this but a bag of fish shop chips and some crusty bread is just the sort of 'comfort food' thats needed in this horrible dull weather (and I'm still fighting off my cold)!

Then housework this afternoon and a last minute check that we have everything organised for the next couple of weeks. We are only travelling with hand luggage so packing won't take long. That's the beauty of having our own home on Fuerteventura - we have clothes and toiletries etc out there so don't need to take suitcases (unless we have to take essential supplies (liquids) out that can't readily be bought on the island - Marmite and our favourite sun creams for instance).

So this is where I've got to with the portrait. It will be nice to return to it after a break and add the finishing touches then. I'm still awaiting feedback regarding Max the horse I worked on recently so that will be another one to come back to with fresh eyes.

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