Thursday, 3 December 2009


Fuerteventura was bright and sunny and it was lovely to catch up with our friends there.

During our trip we had solar heating tubes installed on the roof of our house which will heat the swimming pool during the 'Winter' months when the sun doesn't quite reach it. So we've been able to ditch the electric pool heater which was never efficient and cost mega-bucks to run!

Whilst the builders were doing their work we were confined to the house which was very frustrating. When the builders left - so did the sun ... but we can't really complain. Although the weather turned cloudy for a couple of days and we had some rain showers it was very mild and about 20degrees warmer than here in the UK.

Our holiday was cut short as Mum-in-Law fell over and broke her hip so we flew back yesterday. There isn't a great deal we can do (except visit in hospital of course). She is doing pretty well but at 91 years of age nobody can predict when she will be recovered enough to return to her home. If she had her way she would go home tomorrow of course - she's incredibly bored - poor thing.

Today has been a day for catching up on emails and general correspondence and food shopping etc., tomorrow I'll be back at the drawing board. I have received approval on the portrait of Max and I would like to finish the double horse portrait tomorrow. I'm a bit spoiled for choice after that ... The recipient of one of the Pet Portrait Vouchers has emailed pictures of her dogs and, although they aren't required for Christmas, I would like to make a start on them fairly soon. I hope all is going well for you ........ only 3 weeks to go (and then it will all be over for another year) BAH HUMBUG!!

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