Thursday, 5 November 2009


Well, I've done a few more bits and bobs today but I've got three portraits which I can't progress until I hear back from my clients so tomorrow will have to be a 'gentle reminder' day I think.

I have a portrait of 2 brothers which required some 'cosmetic surgery' and just need to know whether the client is happy with what I've done. I haven't heard back regarding the group of 2 brothers and their sister but my client has recently returned from holiday so I guess has other more pressing things to sort out.

To be fair, the scan of Max the horse was only sent today and I don't expect to hear back till next week but I can't do more work on him until I know whether the mane length is OK and his colour is correct. I managed to get a slightly better photo today in natural (albeit cloudy)light but its frustrating how colour varies so much from monitor to monitor. I know when I've checked my website from an internet cafe on holiday, the portraits look quite different to when viewed on my own computer.

This is the picture I've sent to the client for comment:

At least these days clients have the opportunity to get some sort of preview along the way. I had a portrait of my own horse done in 1990 by an artist exhibiting at Hickstead, in those days we didn't have home computers and after ordering/paying for the portrait I had no news of it until it arrived in the post as a finished item!

So .... my next portrait will probably be a double horse in pastel but I don't really want to start another one till I know what is still to be done with these three. I've got a bit of a bottle neck building up. :o)


Erik said...

You've been pretty busy Sue!

sue said...

Hi Erik
Yes its been a busy few months but we have a holiday booked late November/early December so I'm keen to crack on with as many of the Xmas orders as possible so I can really relax whilst away :o)

Jan said...

Really lovely, Sue!

sue said...

Thanks Jan. Heard back from the client that the mane is the right length but his colouring needs to be more red, so I'll be returning to this one in a day or so.